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Jimmy Mulidore:
Jamming in Las Vegas

Audio CD: $14.99

Phil Woods: Alto Sax
Jimmy Mulidore: Alto sax & Tenor Sax
Chuck Andrus: Bass
Stan Harris: Drums
Joe Klose: Piano


    1. Be-Bop Suite <-(Click to Play) (11:49)
      Muldoon plays first solo, Woods fires back. The interplay is unbelievable.
    2. I Can’t Get Started (9:30)
      Woods solos, Muldoon plays tasty background, then solos.
    3. Night in Tunsia <-(Click to Play) (11:59)
      (Dizzy) elephant chant intro, Muldoon plays 1st, Woods plays 2nd, superb ending.
    4. All The Things You Are <-(Click to Play) (8:23)
      Great intro, Woods solos, Muldoon follows, strong ending.
    5. Melancholy Baby (8:47)
      Back and forth interplay, spontaneous playing between the two altoist.
    6. Muldoon’s Blues (8:29)
      Biting altos challenging each others’ unique blues playing.
    7. Parker’s Mood (3:17)
      Excellent tribute to Bird.
    8. Giant Steps <-(Click to Play) (3:24)
      Muldoon on tenor sax, salute to Trane, a bit quicker than Trane played.


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