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Jimmy Mulidore playing saxophone with Elvis Presley at the Las Vegas Hilton in 1974

Jimmy Mulidore and Richie Cole

Jimmy Mulidore performing '"Giant Steps" at Canyon Gate Jazz Festival in Las Vegas, Nevada

Jimmy Mulidore conversing with Elvis after his show.

Jimmy Mulidore and (Superman) Eric Alexander - just before their amazing jazz performance at the Smith Center for Performing Arts, Las Vegas, NV Mar. 2014

Jimmy's home in Rosarito Beach, Mexico (above and below)

Summer Jazz Festival advertisement

Jimmy's dream home in Rosarito, Mexico (above) and the view (below)

Jimmy Mulidore introducing Benny Golson.

Jimmy with Frank Sinatra and the Rat Pack at the Sands Hotel, back in the '60s

Richie Cole and James Moody watching Jimmy
New Orleans Jazz Festival 2004

Jimmy & Bill Cosby enjoying Espresso

James Moody & Dizzy Gillespie. Moody's arrival in
Las Vegas coming to join Jimmy and his band
at the Hilton

Al Calderone, Jimmy's mentor and clarinet teacher

JM, Amateur Golf Tournament in Tucson, AZ

James Moody and Jimmy

Jimmy roaring with Benny Golson digging Jimmy.

Joe Lopes, Jimmy Mulidore, Phil Woods

Ann Margret, Jimmy, and Marty Feldman at
Jimmy's Birthday party, Fountain Blue, Miami

Jimmy with Brenda Vaccaro at
Victor Awards TV show

Gianni Russo, Jimmy Mulidore, Joe Busalacchi

Jimmy Mulidore at the Gold Coast, July 2007

Jimmy and Ann Margret in Jimmy's dressing
room backstage at the Hilton

Barbara Streisand Stoney End recording