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Jimmy and Gladys Knight, 1975 at the Hilton

Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme
with Jimmy & his family

JM, Richie Cole (sax), James Moody (sax)

Jimmy with Actor Joe Pesci

"The Godfather" Play - Jimmy and Gianni Russo at the Venetian Hotel, Las Vegas

Jimmy Mulidore, Gianni Russo (singer, actor), Bob Rosario (Bobby Darin's conductor)

Jimmy and John Davidson

JM and Sweet Louie from "The Checkmates

Jimmy and Englebert Humperdink
1978 at the Hilton Hotel

JM and The Hilton Strings, 1971

JM, Jazz Festival (NY)

Paul Anka with Jimmy's Mom and Dad, 1971

James Moody and Jimmy

Rosarito Beach Band: Jimmy Mulidore, Santo Savino, Dave Ring, Arno Jacks