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The Nigalian

Audio CD: $14.99

Jimmy Mulidore: Soprano, Alto & Tenor Sax, Flute
Billy Tragassar: Keyboards
Frank Fabio: Bass
Mark Barrett: Drums
Bill Moi: Guitar
Azziz: Percussion
Special Thanks to Salley Holderness


    1. Muldoon’s Journey <-(Click to Play) (5:33)
      Mulidore original, Herbie Hancock flavor.
    2. Just No Way (3:40)
      Middle of the road jazz.
    3. Langatrang (3:40)
      Mulidore original, upbeat jazz with stop time added for a little spice.
    4. Holiday (5:03)
      Bill Tragasar original, Mulidore soars on flute.
    5. For Moody’s Sake <-(Click to Play) (4:37)
      Mulidore original, Moody’s persistence for Coltrane is endless.
    6. Nigalian <-(Click to Play) (4: 51)
      Little boy in jungle playing flute for the birds (title by Moody)
    7. Mixed Emotions (3:51) for everyone who loves jazz with a rock beat.
    8. Twilight Fantasy (4:17)
      Movie like theme.
    9. I’m Committed to You (3: 15)
      Kiss your loved one.
    10. Rosarito Beach Jump (3:03)
      Viva Mexico.