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American Federation of Musicians
June 24, 2008
Thom Pastor - Vice President

Saxophonist/bandleader Jimmy Mulidore recently sent me a copy of his latest DVD recorded live in San Diego. The sextet featured New York tenor giant Eric Alexander, renowned bassist Bob Magnusson, premier Las Vegas drummer Santo Savino and the lyrical keyboard artistry of Ron Feuer.

Jimmy’s tune selection for the outing was selected from standard jazz repertoire. The band was crisp, everyone played well.

What I found remarkable about the DVD was Jimmy’s playing. For some musicians, it is all too easy when improvising on familiar tunes and chord changes to rely on “running” chord scales, familiar melodic patterns and the like. Not Jimmy!

Muldoon, as Jimmy is referred to by close friends, is noted for his virtuosic command of multiple reed instruments. Even with the prolific, cooking, Eric Alexander by his side, the date did not reduce itself to a “battle of the tenors.”

Jimmy explored intervallic relationships in his improvisation that few jazz musicians are willing to attempt, exploring the full range of each instrument- tenor, soprano, flute, etc. while always being mindful of the melodic imperatives the music demanded.

Jimmy has had a long and illustrious music career as a Las Vegas hotel showroom bandleader as well as innovative jazz musician. He looks, acts, thinks, and has the enthusiasm of a young lion straight out of Berklee College. All I can say is,the torch is burning brightly in Las Vegas. When you get a chance, listen closely to Jimmy Mulidore. You will be pleasantly surprised.


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